The Karen Starr Team
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The Karen Starr Team


More about Karen Starr

In 1997, I entered the Real Estate profession because I was not satisfied with my own real estate transaction and agent. I was determined to be the agent that I needed during my own transaction. Since that time, I have developed a strong Real Estate business and numerous satisfied clients and customers by providing a hands on and teamwork approach.

I have had the opportunity to work with a very broad spectrum of properties including: Residential (new & resale), farms & farmettes, acreage, single family lots, rural areas & developments, townhomes, condo's, investment properties, commercial office space, etc.

I am very interested in representing you in the task of buying or selling a home - property!

I service all of Franklin, Cumberland, Adams and Fulton Counties, helping home buyers and sellers achieve THEIR dreams. My vision is to strive for excellence by embracing new technology, open & honest communication along with over 17 years of experience making sure my clients and customer's needs are met on a continued basis. I look forward to helping you get started! Feel free to reach out to me at 717-689-6192, and thank you.

Remember..."You" are my Business!

Karen’s Many Happy Customers
Below are numerous recommendations from Karen's satisfied customers:

Great with Client Relocating!
Karen is very good at taking people who are moving great distances and helping them find the place that will make them most comfortable. My family and I have gone through several different ideas of what we thought we would like, and Karen was able to work with and refine those concepts even further, until we all knew exactly what we were looking for. What we ended up realizing was that what we thought we wanted and what we actually wanted were fairly different things, and Karen was able to see through our confusion to help us find a home that we love dearly. One of the things we most admire in Ms. Starr is her ability to roll, cheerfully, with the punches. From the time we started looking, our needs changed greatly, as my parents-in-law have become ill enough to require constant care. Karen was able to switch gears without hesitation, and was able to help us define what we all needed to have enough space, privacy, and comfort to make a multi-family home work. Finally, Karen is exceptionally perceptive, and able to understand how to communicate with difficult individuals. As you can imagine, the shift from independence to living with my wife and I was a difficult one for my in-laws. My father-in-law, a generous and kind individual, is fiercely protective of his wife and would leap and anything that he thought appeared to put her at a disadvantage. Karen understood these outbursts were a product of fear and well-meaning but possibly misdirected intent, and was able to deflect these, comfort him, and help us move on with a difficult process. In all honesty, I don't think another realtor could have done this for us. Karen's years of experience and own personal experiences made it possible for her to help us through an incredibly difficult transition. - Ryan H.

Always has her client’s best interest in mind!
The professional, competent, genuinely friendly service that Karen Starr was able to provide for us got the house of our dreams. She helped us determine what we really wanted from a house, which surprised us as it was different than what we originally thought it would be. Throughout the whole difficult process, Karen kept us abreast of what was going on, always answered our questions competently, and if she did not know the answer, she would research it and get back to us quickly with the answer. When we required a lawyer, a service person, any kind of local knowledge for new people moving in to the area, she was able to provide recommendations of people whom we genuinely appreciated working with, and felt trustworthy. At all times, we felt that Karen had our best interests in mind, and that she was our genuine and enthusiastic advocate. If you have a real estate transaction to do, we can not recommend anyone more highly than Karen Starr to you. She knows her industry inside and out, and will use her knowledge and years of experience to get you to your happy ending. - Ryan & Helen H.

Great Communication!
Karen Starr answered all questions we asked during ongoing transaction. - Edwin & Patricia S.

She is the Best!
Karen was excellent throughout the process. She is the best, and most thorough agent we have ever worked with. She kept us up-to-date and searched out possibilities. - Roger & LouAnn M.

Honest and always in touch!
Karen was excellent about returning calls! Karen was absolutely fabulous! She does her job well and kept us informed! She's very honest and didn't push us to buy what we didn't need! The business needs more people like Karen! - James G. & Alecia V.

Comforting through the process!
Karen visited and called us frequently. She made us feel so comfortable in taking such a giant step. - Gayle R.

Great with First-Time Homebuyers!
Karen Starr did all she could to help me. This was my first home purchase and there were times that is was difficult, but she kept me calm and explained to me like a human, very knowledgeable. - Marcus R.

Great Negotiator!
Karen Starr got us a second showing quickly and worked very hard to make the closing date be the one we requested. - Collin & Carol M.

Caring and Kind!
Karen Starr really cared about our family and got our little girl a gift for her new home! - Daniel & Courtney F.

Clients Come Back for More!
This was the 2nd time we utilized Karen's services and both times we were very pleased. She is very knowledgeable, hardworking, thoughtful, and trustworthy. She was always available when we needed her. - Tom & Catherine

Local Market Expert!
From the beginning, she was reassuring, informative, and knew the local market well. It gave us confidence from the start. We were very particular and Karen was very, very patient. Always had a smile and tried to find what we wanted. When we finally found our dream house, she set us up with local merchants who had good reputations. When we sold our house, she was honest and explained things to us clearly. She was empathetic when we had to leave. We look at her as a friend for life. - Chris & Melissa

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